Dame Wendy Davies

I have been handcrafting natural soaps and such since 1993. My dry, sensitive skin (prone to eczema outbreaks) and desire for body and Earth friendly natural bath and beauty items, got me experimenting in the kitchen. Working with oils, herbs and aromatic essential oils has become a deep passion.

Living off-grid in a small restored log cabin might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I truly love it! I am passionate about environmental stewardship and sustainable business practises. I find my "small footprint" lifestyle deeply satisfying. In my opinion, less is more.

My interests include:
  keeping you and the Earth clean and looking beautiful,
  gardening - I love puttering in my raised beds and greenhouse,
  hiking in the Rockies,
  sipping a good cup of coffee with friends,
  reading by the woodstove,
  being immersed in nature