Dame Kate

Richard Keil and Kate McKim-KeilRichard Keil and Kate McKim-Keil, are third generation ranchers on the DU Ranch located along the pristine Livingstone Range.

We have always wanted to come back home to the DU Ranch and be a part of this special lifestyle...it is who we are! We both grew up living a life that involved cattle, horses and hard work and we would not change a minute of it!

Richard has guided for Bonnet Plume Outfitters in the Yukon and works for various ranchers in the southwestern Alberta area. I have been raised on the DU Ranch which has provided me with the opportunity to be involved in the Silver Reins Light Horse 4-H club and also to be able to train horses. This lifestyle has instilled in us to work hard to protect this amazing area in which we live.

We believe and feel that we are stewards of this place and that it is our responsibility to be able to share the splendour and history with you.