Dame Deb Pigeon

Businessmen, cattle, Natives, princes, pioneer women, Percherons, polo ponies and cowboys; all played a part in the unique story of the Bar U Ranch. One of the first and most enduring of the large corporate ranches established in the 1880’s, the Bar U was chosen to commemorate the history of the ranching industry in Canada.

You can follow the story of the Bar U through seven decades of change from 1882 to 1950. Explore the ranch headquarters and visit the many historic buildings and learn about the people who made the Bar U one of the most famous ranches in its time. Immerse yourself in stories of ranching pioneers... fortunes made and lost, cattle-killing winters and massive roundups.

The Bar U Ranch NHS was purchased in 1991 by Parks Canada and they work in partnership with the Friends of the Bar U Historic Ranch Association to protect, preserve and present the many historic buildings and landscape feature of the ranch for you and future generations.

I’ve worked at the Bar U Ranch since 2003 as the Administrative Assistant and have been involved in the development and implementation of many Special Events that we host throughout the summer season.

I encourage everyone to come out to the ranch and experience Canada’s ranching history.